Dragon's Heart Holiday Gift Pack

Dragon's Heart Holiday Gift Displayed
Dragon's Heart Holiday Gift Wrapped
Dragon's Heart Holiday Gift Pack
Dragon's Heart Case Sticker
Dragon's Hide Pick Holders

Our special holiday gift pack for that hard to shop for guitarist in your life.  With this gift set you get a little bit of everything we have to offer at a discounted price.  Also, this pack is shipped gift wrapped with a personalized “To/From” tag and includes all of the following:

One Tri-Blend Black Dragon's Heart T Shirt:  Choice of size

Two Personalized Premium Dragon’s Heart Picks:  Your Choice of any two Pure, Hardened, Original, and GT.  Premium Picks will be engraved with the "To" name.

Two Dragon's Hide Leather pick holders:  Your choice of color (Black or Brown) and your choice of style.  Keychain pick holders will be monogrammed with the "To" name.

One six pack of our Faux Dragon’s Heart Picks:  Two “Bone White”, two “Blood Red”, and two “Golden Dragon” colors

One Twelve pack of our Wyvern’s Series Picks: Three of each style, Assorted colors.

Three of our Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks Case Stickers

MSPR $89.97

Sale Price $59.97

T Shirt Size
Premium PIck Option 1
Premium Pick Option 2
Pick Holder 1
Pick Holder 2
Gift Tag "To"
Gift Tag "From"
Faux Red White Gold
Wyvern Sample Pack