Premium Dragon's Heart and Pick Holder Combo

Premium Dragon's Heart and Pick Holder Combo
Strap Mounted Pick Holder
Strap-Button Mounted Guitar Pick Holder
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Pure Dragon's Heart Guitar PIck
Hardened Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick

Get a Premium Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick of your choice and never lose it with this ultimate combo pack!  You get one Premium pick and one pick holder for one insane price!  You can have your Dragons's Heart Guitar Pick ready to go at all times with an Awesome Guitar Pick Holder from C. Whitney Guitars.

Choose One

Monogrammed Keychain Pick Holder:  All of our Keyring Pick Holders come with custom monograming as a standard option.  

Strap-Mounted Pick Holder:  Our Strap-Mounted Guitar Pick Holder mounts easily to most common guitar straps.  Fits snugly, with enough flexibility to mount easily to either end of your strap, even when the strap is double layered.

Strap-Button Mounted Pick Holder:  Our Strap-Button Pick Holder mounts easily to most standard guitar strap buttons in place of a strap, or it can also be mounted underneath the strap button if you want to use it in addition to a guitar strap.  Simply unscrew the guitar's strap button, thread the screw through the mounting holes, and reattach the strap button.  

All our pick holders are constructed with high quality leather, and assembled using hand-pressed rivets instead of stitching, to ensure maximum durability and quality.  Finally, our Dragon Logo is laser branded to the leather so you don't have to worry about smearing or flaking.  

All of our pick holders will fit all of our guitar pick variations and many other guitar pick variations.   Also, these pick holders can hold multiple guitar picks (5mm is the recommended total maximum thickness).

And One...

The Pure Dragon's Heart:  With the same signature design as the original, the Pure Heart has no additives. The pure polyamide-imide has a classic softness to it's attack whilst still offering the optimal design and desired durability (up to 1200 hours). Ideal for players who have varied styles of play or are still developing their technique.  

Thickness:  2.5mm

The Hardened Dragon's Heart:  A 30% glass fiber filled variation of the original. This version is the pinnacle of durable material and our longest lasting pick period (up to 1500 hours of play). With aggressive attack, bright tone, and amazing durability the Hardened Dragon's Heart is the choice for professional electric players that like to push their gear to it's limits. 

Thickness:  2.5mm

The Original Dragon's Heart:   Made from a carefully selected polyamide-imide, the original dragon's heart has 12% graphite content, making it extremely fast. Its speed is surpassed only slightly by it's durability.  One of these can endure over 1000 hours play before the edges become less than ideal. This is the best selection for speed shredding players.  

Thickness:  2.5mm

The Dragon's Heart GT:   Made from the very same carefully selected polyamide-imide, The Dragon's Heart GT has a 30% carbon fiber fill, making it both fast and durable.  This pick combines some of best features of both the Original and Hardened.  The GT has a higher lubricity than the Hardened so it plays a bit faster but maintains a grippy surface.  It also has a slightly warmer tone and more transparent attack than the Hardened, but it's durability exceeds that of the Original (up to 1400 hours).  Players having trouble deciding between the Hardened or the Original should definitely try this one first.

Thickness:  2.5mm

MSRP $26.97

Sale Price $21.99

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Original Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick
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