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I just got them and I must say that I was not expecting this!
The Dragon Heart Picks picks are very comfortable and feel super natural.
They seem to make my technique a lot cleaner and I love them.
I’m pretty swamped at the time but will make a mention of them on a future video and on my Facebook page.
Thanks so much for sending them!
— David Wallimann
I must say that, while I didn’t become Jeff Loomis or Yngwie Malmsteen overnight, I did notice a significant drive to play faster right from the start of using these picks. Been using them for about a week now and can’t put it down, never mind the fact that it’s double the thickness of the picks I’ve been using for several years. Also, it allows me to try different strumming methods utilizing all three variants of the corners. I cannot wait to record my next song with this pick, although I think I will have to bump up the tempo!

Thank you Corey and CWhitney team! I never thought such a little thing could make that much difference in my capabilities!
— Jason Stormont - Superior Arsenal
I received the picks on the 12th of November and I promptly began using them in order to form a solid opinion before jumping into a video review. I am highly impressed with the product, so far all three of the picks live up to their hype and do everything that is claimed of them.

I am from a science background, having studied physics at university, so I am fascinated by the level of engineering and material testing that has gone into the design of the picks. The end result certainly shows the effort and care taken in the development stage.

You can be sure that I’ll be ordering up some more of these picks as I have a strange feeling that as soon as I start showing them to people they’ll mysteriously disappear from my possession.
— Colin Scott - C. S. Guitars
After buying a guitar from Corey and getting a free pick in the process, i have to say that these are amazing. I’ve never felt comfortable using any kind of pick while playing. But after only a few minutes of screwing around on my guitar with The Dragon’s Heart, it feels like its almost second nature. Thank you for making this one of a kind product
— Walker Knight
I’m pretty picky about my picks. I like solid, thick, pointy, aggressive picks. I got all of this with the Dragon’s Heart. For the longest time I’ve been using the Pick of Destiny (no joke, I’m serious). I thought it was the perfect pick. Super thick, pointy on the end, with a real wide top to grip. So far the dragon’s heart is the only pick to make me ever want to drop it.

The first time I held it, I was amazed by how solid it is. I’m not sure I could try to break it. My first play, I was blown away by the vicious and aggressive attack from the pointy angle. I think that’s the one for me. Every note is crystal clear. No hang up what so ever.

It’s definitely going to take some getting used to. It’s comfortable enough to hold, but different. Not just different from what I’m used to, but different from any other pick I’ve ever had. I think the effort to get to know the dragon’s heart a little better will pay off in the end. In the end I think the biggest thing is the cheap bastard I am, I’d be willing to pay $10 for this pick if I hadn’t won it.
— Chris K.
I got the pick before my bands show (and obviously used it) and I absolutely love it. Everything about it is amazing. The normal tip is great for rhythm parts. Then the pointy side has some of the best shredding/soloing tone ever. And to top it all off, the rounded end is great for chuggy, slow breakdowns. It is definitely one of the best picks I’ve played with and I plan on buying more.
— Tyler FerenSick
A really surprising pick, has the perfect size and thickness.
Its three areas of attack are great, but I liked the rounded area to play chords, slides across the strings in a very nice and precise.
I like to play a bit of everything, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Heavy... and easily adapts to any situation.
In short a pick”multitasking”, very versatile and enjoyable to use.
Great job, guys of Dragon’s Heart...
— Alfredo Espinosa
These picks are awesome!!!
I’ve been using Jazz lll’s for over 20 years... Finally,
something better has come along!!!
— John Paul from Facebook
I rec’d a sample pick yesterday at Craft and Growler. These are awesome! I’m a broad style player and I appreciate the versatility of this pick. I normally do not play with one this thick but it glided across the strings so well that I don’t notice it. I ordered 2 more today.
— Gregg Hardin via email on 6/9/2014
The best playing pick on the market hand’s down. ....
Great job guys. Thanks . Tiger
— Michael Bowman from Facebook
Hi Corey ,
Pick arrived today. So far I like it a lot !!
Happy I read a review on Guitarnoize about your picks :-)
— Dimitrij Troup via Email
After using the picks for about a week I can add to my review. One thing that is immediately noticeable is that even after extended sessions of play the picks all look new. The bevels and points are all holding up remarkably well.

The material used to make these picks is unique to say the least. At first I though they might be a wood like ebony or something but they are not. The compound is very strong and yet feels very natural. It seems to resist moisture and allows me to maintain my grip on the pick better than other picks that I use. That is a huge plus for me as I find that I have to give quite a bit of attention to other boutique picks that I use by washing them and wiping them off pretty frequently to keep them tacky - not so with the Dragon’ s Heart picks.

The design of the pick is also very appealing to me. I use the aggressive point to play more demanding lead passages and the medium point for my rhythm work. I have no problem rotating the pick to get the point that I want to use and after a short time it is pretty natural to switch pick positions to get the point that works in the moment. You can also use the sharper point to do some articulate chicken picking as it really works well for that.

I like the Original and the Hardened the best so far. They give me consistent feel no chirp whatsoever and so they are the ones that I have spent the most time with. The bevels and edges are all holding up to aggressive picking and strumming and have not suffered any effects from a lot of use on my LP with 11 gauge strings.

I think that the packaging is very nice and I like the different colored labels for the different picks.

I’ll spend some time with the picks and my acoustics soon and will update my review then. I’m also curious to see how the edge holds up after about a month of play.

So far I’m very impressed and would recommend these to anyone looking to add an innovative pick to their toolbox.
— John Craig from Chandler, Arizona
"I have been playing guitar for many years and have tried all kinds of picks. Medium picks at first, then heavy's, I went to a heavy mandolin pick for the point for a while but found that I was always adjusting my grip when playing chords. Then I found it, my holy grail of picks, the Tortex sharp I have used for years now. It had the point of a mandolin pick and the grip of a standard guitar pick. I would use the point for my single note passages and the rounded edge for rhythm. Then I saw Colin Scott's pick review video for several picks including the Dragon's Heart. The unique shape caught my since I was already using a point/rounded edge for playing. When I got the Dragon's Heart the first thing that struck me was just how the material the pick is made from felt in my hand. Even though it is a composite material it felt very natural. I thought the thickness would take getting used to. It took no time to get used to it. I tried with my electrics and my acoustics and WOW! To the doubters, I noticed speed and accuracy improvements right away. The thing that really awe struck me was the tone. Somehow my acoustic sounded bigger with more clarity and note definition, harmonics have a bell like quality to them. My Les Paul with P-90's sounds absolutely monstrous! I was already used to using different pick edges but the girth of this pick makes that change even easier and it never feels like it is going to slip out of grip. It may be necessary to re-invent the wheel but the guitar pick is another story. Any stringed instrument played with a pick has been waiting for the Dragon's Heart since the time of the invention of the guitar. Love it, great job with the engineering of this pick! I will be putting a couple of these in every guitar case I have."

-Todd Miller via Email

"Purchased the GT pick because I couldn't decide which one to get. Never liked thick picks but stumbled on a review of the Dragon Heart picks on the web. Decided to order one and when I tried it I was totally amazed. Fantastic pick! Ordered 3 more for back up including a couple of the pure(s) to try on my acoustics. Great product!"

-Kevin Dempsay

Jon Bloomer - Founder,

Jon Bloomer - Founder,

Jon Bloomer from  

It is a pretty well documented fact that I have something of a guitar pick addiction, I have tried hundreds and have them littered around my house, guitar cases, jeans pockets and probably inside the inner workings of my washing machine! When I hear about a new pick manufacturer I get a little excited, especially if they include some scientific information about their pick material.

Enter the Dragon’s Heart

Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks are available in three variations which... read full article

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