Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks History

My passion for playing began in 1996 when I bought my first guitar with my first paycheck. Knowing nothing about my instrument other than I wanted to play it, I began reading books and teaching myself to play, I even paid for a few pro lessons.  By 1999 I had a band that enjoyed a small degree of local success. In 2000, I joined the United States Marine Corps  serving from 2000 to 2013. My experience exposed me to the world and taught me those things that are important to success and fulfillment. All throughout that time, music and playing guitar was a constant companion. Throughout this time, music became even more a part of who I was as I endeavored to mold myself into a person of which I could be proud.


Whilst shopping for a instrument of a certain "classic" design, it occurred to me that I might possess the skills to create one tailored to my specific desires. So I did just that. The result exceeded my expectations. So I did it again.  Pleased with my work I began tinkering with other related projects including picks. After extensive research and development, I found that I had products that were superior in design to anything I could obtain commercially. Products I knew that I would use indefinitely.  When the time came to end or continue my career of military service, I chose to embark on my current journey.


Though C. Whitney Guitars is currently a sole proprietorship, it is my ultimate goal to cultivate it into a diverse company whose goals subordinate to sustainability and contribution to the economy of the United States of America.

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