The 2016 Guitar Picks For Life Contest

Grand Prize Winner

First Runner Up

Second Runner Up

Other Finalists

The contest is now closed and we are in the process of selecting the winners. 

One lucky Grand Prize winner will receive our great guitar picks every month for the rest of their lives.  First and Second Runner-up Prize winners will receive a $500 shopping credit to our online store.  Finally, the other nine finalists will receive a one time gift pack including a sampling of all of our great products.


  • Make a video

  • Upload it to YouTube

  • Submit your video link


  • Entries due Sept. 16th, 2016


How To Enter

Entering is easy.  Simply record your #GPFL2016 video, upload it to YouTube, and submit your video link to us via the entry form.  Please be sure to read the rules and details at the bottom of this page to make sure your video will meet all the guidelines.  Also, remember to share your video on your social media channels once it is approved to increase your chances of becoming a finalist.


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Winner selection

1.  The top 12 videos with the most number of likes will selected as our finalists.  In the event of “last-place” tie, more finalists will be accepted.  All finalists will receive a prize.

2.  Finalists will be determined on September 16th.  Judges will be allowed 30 days to score the videos.  Results will be announced October 16th.  

3.  Our panel of judges will independently score the videos using a rank based, two digit prime number scoring system.  The scores will then be totaled and the videos will be ranked accordingly.  In the unlikely event of a tie, both finalists for the tied placement will receive the appropriate prize.  Example:  Tie for first place = Two Grand Prize winners, Ties for second and/or third place = 2 to 4 runner-up prizes.


Grand Prize:  The Grand Prize winner will receive an initial shipment including a sampling of all of our picks and shirts and a monthly spending credit of $24 to our online store every month forever.  Spending credit can be rolled over to following months with a limit of $100.

Runner Up Prizes:  Runner up winners will receive a spending credit of $500 to be used at their discretion.

Finalist Prizes:  All finalists will receive a one time shipment including a sampling of all of our picks and shirts.



a.  Qualifying videos must clearly state that they are for entry in the 2016 Guitar Picks For Life contest in the video.  All videos must also include a link to the contest webpage in the video description.  Links must be functioning, clickable links.  Videos should also include the hashtag, #GPFL2016, in the description.

b.  While there is no specific requirement with respect to time, we recommend videos be at least 90 seconds but no longer than 9 minutes.  Videos should be fun and entertaining but should not contain offensive content of any kind.  

c.  Qualifying videos will be loaded to this page within 48 hours of submission.  If your video is found to be unqualified for any reason we will contact you with in that time frame with an explanation.  If your video is not posted within 48 hours and you have not been contacted, please email for a resolution.

d.  All video entries will be monitored for number of likes throughout the contest and the 12 videos with the most likes at 4pm central standard time on September 16th, 2016 will be declared the finalists. 

e.  Must be 18 years of age or have parent/guardian permission to enter.

f.  Corey W, the inventor and proprietor of Dragon's Heart Guitar picks, reserves right for final approval on all entries, final interpretation of all rules, and final approval of all amendments.


We did our best to cover all the foreseeable circumstances but we recognize the possibility that we may have missed something.  Our goal is to keep this contest fun and fair.  To that end, we are reserving the right to amend the rules and guidelines if necessary.  In the event that this is required, the amendment will be displayed below along with the date it was posted and the reason why it was posted.  These amendments are only to be used to ensure that the spirit of this contest remains intact and any possible abuse of this contest is mitigated.