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Dragon’s Heart picks are unique. They have three edges for versatility, yet they are comfortable to hold and play with....

For high gain electric playing (shredding, metal, etc.) they provide a very fast pick with a great feel and grip. And a warm, fat tone. And pick noise really isn’t an issue with higher gain settings. In fact they may give your playing more definition.
— Mark Starlin
C Whitney’s Dragon’s Heart Picks are certainly something new, both in shape and feel

It’s lightweight, and seems to resist wear very well

Using it like a standard pick is pretty easy, even for players used to standard medium weight picks. The beveled edge offers plenty of attack and the heart “half” is great for rhythm styles, while the “horn” side offers up hyper accurate attack for both shred masters and jazz boppers.
— Chris Devine - Performer Mag



Great Demo/Review from Robert Baker

Robert Baker has a fast-growing YouTube channel talking all things guitar.  Happy to have him squeeze in this amazing review for Dragon's Heart! 

With the cleverly designed bevel-edge of Dragonheart guitar picks the string glides around the pick, which minimizes this resistance. It also reduces the note attack, which is good or bad depending on how you look at it. When using this pick, the notes are warmer, and softer sounding- which can be great for playing some more melodic phrases, or strumming. When strumming with these picks, chords never sound too jangly or harsh- but at the same time, you can still hear definition between the notes.

I really loved the shape and feel of them! The ‘hardened’ pick especially looks like it could be from ‘Lord of the Rings’- especially with the dragon logo etched in with a laser!

The picks feel very smooth, and you can definitely tell there is something different about them. I also really liked their shape, and futuristic feel.

Dragonheart Guitar Picks are definitely worth the money!
— Rob - Chainsaw Guitar Tuition
Now, I don’t tend to use a plectrum often but this is strangely addictive; there is something about the shape and feel that makes you want to pick it up again!
— Paul - Your Next Guitar

Review and Lesson from Drue James

One of the latest reviews for The Dragon's Heart tucked into an excellent video lesson.

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