The Fire Within

Being in a relationship with a hard working musician brings a lot of insight into how much actual practice is needed to get better and what can make the goals associated with that easier.  My partner (who at the time of writing this has played guitar for 13 years) has suffered through the frustrations of trying to be a better musician and I have been there to witness it.  Every day I saw him practice for hours upon hours with a metronome, repeating the exact same notes over and over only to hear him say that he is making no improvement in the speed of his playing and the technique.  There were times when he would have to walk away from his instrument in anger and disbelief that no progress was happening no matter how hard he tried.  In saying this I know him as a perfectionist when it comes to his instrument and he cares deeply about his technical ability.  He is always pushing his limits. 


After several months of witnessing this with one particular guitar exercise he was trying to master, he mentioned to me over dinner that he thought it may be the type of guitar picks he was using, commenting that they always become blunt after one day of use and that this may be slowing down his progress as everyday when he went to practice something had changed.  The guitar had stayed the same.  The amplifier had stayed same.  The picks always changed as they were being damaged through the extensive use.  I suggested that he should buy more picks, however he stated that he couldn’t buy a new pick every single day.

Looking back I definitely agree, that would be ridiculous!

The next morning I woke up to him talking about a guitar pick he had saw online that wasn’t shaped like a regular guitar pick.  “Does it last long?” I said to him, echoing the discussion the night before.  “Apparently.  It’s worth a try, I literally have nothing to lose at this point” he laughed, half at the disbelief that he hadn’t thought of this before and half at the idea of something so simple being such a big problem for his musical development.  He shown me the website where he had seen the guitar pick.

“Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks” he said reinforcing the idea of the purchase in his mind.

“You have a birthday coming up, do you want me to buy that for you?” I asked.

“Sure, I’ll definitely try it” he replied.  The guitar pick was then ordered.

The next few weeks that followed were identical to each other:
The postman would come, my partner would walk outside, check the mailbox, grab some letters, come back inside and then sigh when his package had not arrived (the delay in delivery was due to our distance from the company, no other external factors caused this, so this was expected)

Finally the day came where it did.  He opened the package and felt the pick for what it was.  “Feels pretty solid” he texted me, as I currently wasn’t home

“I’ll go test it out”

I came home around thirty minutes later to him racing out of the music room with a metronome still playing in the background, a giant grin on his face.

“I am five beats per minute faster on all my current exercises!” he exclaimed giving me a hug.  After a short discussion he believed it was due to how the sharp end of the pick is designed, rather then being flat it curves to the point from either side, flowing off the guitar strings rather then pushing past them.  
“So you’re happy with your present then?” I questioned.

“Very happy” he responded.

This occurred three months ago at the time of writing this and I am happy to say he has not used another guitar pick since.  In fact, he handed about ninety percent of his old guitar picks to one of his students and it seems that the rest are sitting around the house waiting for the day they get delivered to the bin.

I would like to add that I am not a musician myself, or at least not a dedicated one.

However seeing the confusion and frustration lift when my partner accomplishes something that had seemed as large to Mount Everest to him from a simple guitar pick change is proof in itself to me that Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks are the only thing he will never change with his guitar exercises and everyone else should at least try this if they are feeling their progress slow down.

He will often brag to me about how “The pick hasn’t had any problems!” or “I can’t believe this one is still going!” whilst showing me how there hasn’t been the slightest amount of damage on any of the three unique sides he uses for different styles.  

Now when he practices I see him use the same guitar, the same amplifier and always the same guitar pick.  Seeing Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks place a competition for a lifetime of guitar picks seemed like this is exactly what he needs; once I saw this on Facebook I knew I had to write an entry in hopes of surprising him if I were to win. 

It’s an opportunity that cannot be missed with this fantastic company who obviously care about their customers.

Regardless of the outcome of #GPFL2017 (Guitar Picks For Life 2017) I know he will continue to play with fire in his heart while using these amazing guitar picks!


Amanda G.