Dragon's Heart never stops beating

So here it is, another #GPFL2017 ! I’ve been using DHGPs for almost 3 years now, so explaining why they are the best guitar picks won’t be hard.

1 Lucas Laffineur GPFL2017.jpg

The shape is the first thing that catches the eye; 3 edges, 3 ways to pick your strings. Most of the time I use the regular edge to play rhythm and common licks. But if I want to cut through the mix for a crazy punchy riff (such as in Momento by Intervals around 0:30), I twist my pick to play with the sharp edge. When I attempt to play some guitar heroes sweeping parts, it’s just easier with the rounded side of the pick… but there’s at least one advantage to the shape I bet you didn’t see: at the deep between the rounded edge and the sharp one, it creates a V shape grip to lock the pick in your middle finger (at least that’s what I do). If I need to do some finger picking and have a pick in the same song, that’s perfect: by itself it beats every other pick on the market.

2 Lucas Laffineur GPFL2017.jpg

Now let’s talk about longevity. They’re insane. I guess I could have been using the same pick all this time, if I didn't give some to friends at gigs, or even to my luthier to show to other customers. I jump between my engraved GT, my Pures, Hardened and Originals for my electric guitar depending on how I feel.

However, I prefer having a thin pick when I play acoustic guitar to get a lighter strum, and I like it better as I play with light string gauge… But Corey from DHGP anticipated that with the Wyvern series, that’s what I use on acoustic.

3 Lucas Laffineur GPFL2017.jpg

The Faux are the perfect middle ground, as they’ve the same thickness but are cheaper than the premium range, they’re the one I keep on every pocket of my jeans and ends in the washing machine; their colors never faded, made in U.S.A. confirmed!

Finally, why would I deserve to receive them more than anyone else? I guess I don’t, but I’m pretty sure I’ll use them more than anyone else. As a matter of fact, I can’t get out without my pick’s wallet, and the pic speaks for itself… I’ve tried many picks before (was stuck with Jazz III for years), but I’m sure I’ll never go back to any another brand. If you want to see my picks in action, feel free to check my channel! Thanks for your interest and reading this to the end. https://www.youtube.com/c/LucasLaffineur

Lucas Laffineur, French Guitar Player.