The love of a dragon's heart

Have you ever been in love? With a person, I mean. That kind of love where you get a hug by this particular person and instantly feel home. Where you can be yourself and are totally comfortable with it. That kind of love that makes you radiate with confidence and satisfaction. You believe that you can do anything with this person by your side...


It all began about a year ago in July. I remember it very well, because it was my birthday. My band-mate and best friend Julian gave me a special birthday present: a hardened Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick. It was at that time, that I got to know Sophie. She was everything I could have wished for and more. With her, I started feeling more confident. With her, I felt like I could tackle anything, any difficulty in life. 

It's one year later and today I am sure about one thing: last year's birthday presents were the most precious presents I have ever received in life.

I couldn't imagine my life without my girlfriend. She encourages me in every aspect of my life and she's never let me down. We are there for each other and we are always trying to be better women for each other. We love the TV show “Game of Thrones”, so our nickname for each other came naturally: “Khaleesi”. The mother of dragons. My queen.


I know that my Khaleesi is the one person I want to spend the rest of my life with.

And so is the pick. This special, wonderful and awesome Dragon's Heart Guitar Pick.

Ever since I got it, I never even looked at any other pick. It felt natural in my hand, as if we were one. My guitar play improved enormously and I never had to bother about buying a new pick, because even after using it daily during the span of one whole year, it almost doesn't show. I was a bit intimidated by it's hardness, at first. But I've never been disappointed by its grip and ability to play. The sound created by it is breathtaking and so strong that every listener is amazed and thrilled.

It's just like my love story with my girlfriend. I've never felt more comfortable playing guitar than today. This pick became my constant companion. Every day and every night I've been using it to play and become a better guitarist. For me and my band.

It has become so precious to me that I always keep it safe and reassure myself constantly that I haven't lost it anywhere.


My love is divided and my girlfriend and this pick, along with my music, share a special place in my heart. I feel fierce and invincible, just like a Khaleesi, the mother of dragons, should feel like.

And this is why I deserve to receive Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks. For my love for music and life is the love only a dragon's heart can feel."