The Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick: A Tool that Ignites Desire, Passion, and a New State of Mind.

            Throughout my journey as a guitarist, I have learned that the guitar pick is one of the most overlooked tools when it comes to building a rig. We guitar players often become obsessed with amps, effects pedals, strings, and other things and we essentially forget about the importance of our picks and, more specifically, what kind of picks we use. I, as well as many of us, have been guilty of thinking any pick will work for what I am doing. However, throughout my experience, I have found that the guitar pick really matters. A guitar pick not only changes the way it feels to play guitar but it also brings a new mindset to playing our beloved instrument. It can give a player a sense of assurance and confidence that leads to creativity and accomplishment or it can leave a player frustrated and, worst of all, with no desire to play. In my opinion, the latter should never occur. Playing the guitar should always be an experience that is invigorating, encouraging, entertaining, and, most of all, fun.

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            So, after years of playing guitar, I began to explore the world of guitar picks to see what was out there. I wanted to find out if there were any noticeable differences between varying picks. Immediately, I found that the disparities were striking. Some picks made it easy to play while others seemed to be missing something. Sharp, round, thick, thin, et cetera; all the different characteristics of a pick not only affected how I played but also how I thought about playing. Some made me feel very confident and others made me feel like I was doing something wrong with my technique. Finally, after much trial and error, I came across the Jazz III. I thought the Jazz III was the perfect pick. It was thick, beveled, and it cut through the strings very easily. I used Jazz III’s for roughly four years before I came across the Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick. 

            I found about the Dragon’s Heart through a YouTube video by Rob Scallon. Rob put a link in the description of his video to the Dragon’s Heart website and I decided to give it a look. I examined the review page and saw where everyone was in love with the Dragon’s Heart. Then, I did further research and after being convinced that the pick was awesome I decided to purchase one of the Pure Dragon’s Heart picks. When I got it in the mail, it felt like Christmas. I ripped the envelop in half and immediately went to play. As soon as I hit the first note, I was wowed by the experience. All three edges of the pick felt incredible. I must have played for ten hours straight because of how amazing it felt to play with the Dragon’s Heart. After playing the whole day with my new Dragon’s Heart, the Jazz III felt unplayable. I literally could not, and I still cannot, use my Jazz III’s. The Dragon’s Heart is on another world. It makes your guitar feel like it is playing itself. 

            For the longest time, it was extremely difficult for me to learn how to sweep pick. I have always been pretty good at shred and playing fast, albeit I mainly play Jazz, but sweep picking had eluded me for what seemed like forever. The Dragon’s Heart changed that very quickly. It does not cut through the strings like the Jazz III. It simply glides through them like butter. With it, I learned how to sweep pick with ease. It almost feels like cheating. It is so effortless to play anything with the Dragon’s Heart. Nowadays, I don’t leave the house without first grabbing my Dragon’s Heart pick. The Dragon’s Heart, by itself, gives me confidence in my playing that I never really had in the past. It inspires me to play and to be creative because new techniques, that were once hindered by other picks, are now at my disposal. It lights a passion within me every time I pick up my guitar. And most important of all it makes the instrument, that is already fun to play, even more fun. 

            I feel that I deserve to receive Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks for life because since I discovered the pick, I have been an ambassador for its expansion. I have recommended the Dragon’s Heart to many of my guitar playing friends and they have all jumped on board. I have attempted many times to get the Dragon’s Heart put into local guitar stores and music shops that are near my area. Additionally, I thoroughly love the Dragon’s Heart and I know for certain that I will use Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks for the rest of my life. I have tried many other high-end picks and nothing can compare to the excellence that is the Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick. Finally, I am a guitarist with a dream to be the best guitar player that I possibly can be and I know that the Dragon’s Heart will help me make this dream a reality.

            Thanks to the Dragon’s Heart, I have fallen in love with playing guitar all over again. It really is the best pick you can buy and I strongly encourage you to do so if you do not already have one. You will truly feel the difference after the very first note. The Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick is a tool that ignites desire, passion, and a new state of mind for all of those who are willing to seek new musical avenues and play with fire in their hearts.

Branyon Jones