Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks for the Rest of My Life

I’ve been on a quest to find the ultimate guitar pick for the better part of the last 10 years. I finally found it last year when I bought my first Dragon’s Heart Guitar Pick. I’ve tried just about every type of guitar pick on the market, and even experimented with making my own picks from antler, bone, and exotic woods. I learned a lot about how much influence the pick’s shape, material, and thickness can have on how a guitar plays and sounds. I didn’t realize what I was missing until I tried a Dragon's Heart pick.

Number 1 Pick in the World a.jpg

It is THE best guitar pick I’ve ever used. It is the first pick that actually improved my playing. Of course, practice is what makes us better, but the Dragon’s Heart pick doesn’t inhibit my playing or creativity. Fast arpeggio runs that I was fighting to consistently nail, were much easier once I started using my Dragon’s Heart.

I adore the way the pick looks and feels. Other musicians often ask about the cool looking shape, color, and the dragon etched on the pick. The aerospace-grade polyamide material seems to last forever. I have a heavy hand, and tend to wear out other picks quickly. The first thing to go is usually the bevel, but the bevel my Dragon’s Heart pick is still solid. 

Number 1 Pick in the World c.jpg

 The pick is the perfect size and allows me to play longer without any hand cramping. With other picks, I was always doing weird modifications like gluing on sand or velcro, or drilling holes so that it would have better grip. The Dragon’s Heart doesn’t need any modifications. It has a terrific grip that doesn’t slip, even when I’m woodshedding and sweating in my painfully hot garage. I also love that the pick has three picking edges. I typically use the standard edge, but the other two are nice to have because they offer a very different feel and sound.

Many guitar players won’t hesitate spending huge amounts of money on upgrading their pickups, guitar electronics, cables, tubes, or yet another variation of their tube screamer. But among this pantheon of guitar tone upgrades, the guitar pick is all too often the last one to be considered. Aside from guitar lessons, I honestly believe in terms of a cost-benefit ratio, the long-lasting, high-quality Dragon’s Heart pick is the best investment I’ve ever made in terms of upgrading my tone and playing ability.

Number 1 Pick in the World e.jpg

Everyone deserves awesome tone. A lifetime supply of Dragon’s Heart picks would help me on my never ending journey to have the best possible guitar tone, and to spread the word about these epic picks.

Thanks again!