Dragon’s Heart Picks: The Strongest, The Fastest, The Best

                As a passionate guitar player I love gear that improves my playing experience. Therefore, I am constantly drooling over high end amplifiers, guitars, pickups, pedals, and etc of which I can almost never afford. However, about four years ago I used one of my uncle’s higher end pick and realized that picks are severely underestimated when it comes to guitar gear. One can imagine what came next. I went to guitar center and bought all the different types of picks to find the one for me; however, while each had at least one good perk, there was no outstanding pick that did it all. Afterwards, I turned to the internet only to be overwhelmed by the vast selection of picks made of new and interesting materials and shapes. I bought many of those strange picks each claiming to be the best in the world, but they would either break too quickly, be too hard to use, or not be any better than the average twenty cent pick. Finally, I bought a few Dragon’s Heart picks. They came in the mail a few days later and I was amazed at how they improved my playing in terms of tone and technique. Since then I have used them almost exclusively. They hit all of the requirements of a great pick including quality and playability.


                The quality of the Dragon’s Heart picks was quite astounding when I compared them to standard picks.  They are primarily made out from Polyamide-Imide and therefore are extremely durable and strong, so strong; in fact, that one would have to try hard to even scratch them. It is no wonder they last so long. In addition to their strength, Dragon’s Heart picks are very unique in their shape and design. They have three distinct points that each provide a different tonality. For example, the sharp point produces a bright clear tone, the semicircular point makes a warm soft tone, and the normal one is the middle ground. In addition to the special shape, Dragon’s Heart guitar picks also have a bevel along the edge of them. This is one of the key aspects of their design. The bevel provides enhanced playability that really brings the pick’s functionality to new heights.

               The playability and functionality of these oddly shaped picks is the primary reason they are the best picks around. When I first held a Dragon’s Heart pick I thought “this is not flexible enough, I will never be able to strum well with it.” However, it ironically feels more natural to strum with them than a supple pick. At almost any angle or velocity these picks glide smoothly over the strings giving them a more natural sound than the snappy thin picks. Furthermore, the rigidity of the picks creates a very easy picking experience. They pluck the strings with more accuracy than to any other guitar pick. When using the dragons heart picks on a solo, arpeggio, or any other picking one gets a great level of control that makes playing more precise and fun. Therefore, the range of styles one can play with Dragon’s heart picks is vast. I have played everything including rock, metal, jazz, blues, classical, and funk on both the acoustic and electric guitar without even having to think about how to use my pick. This has really helped me excel on the good ol’ six string.


                All of these awesome properties of the dragon heart guitar picks are why I would use them for life. I have been playing for five years now and using dragon’s heart picks for most of those years. I have no plan on using any different pick. I think that I would be a good choice to win because aside from being a committed user of the dragon’s heart picks I also love to let others know about them. For example, out of the six picks that I purchased I have given away four to other people who enjoyed them. The reason for this is that I want other players to be able to improve their playing experience just like I have. Some players did not want to leave their old picks behind, but others where as thrilled as I was. For example, both of my younger brothers, my bands rhythm guitarist, and my closest friend all are now using Dragon’s Heart picks as their go-to pick. Furthermore, if I had a lifetime supply of Dragon’s Heart picks I would be able to get more people to try them out and hopefully get them to use the picks as well. Some of these people include the kids in my schools music club and my church youth worship team who I have not lent out picks to yet because I don’t want to lose any more of my own. 

                In conclusion, the quality and playability that dragon’s heart picks embody truly make them the best guitar pick around. Therefore, I am glad that I have had another chance to advocate for them during this competition. Not many other companies have these kinds of engaging contests with such great prizes. Finally, I would like to say congrats to the winner and thank you to Dragon’s Heart Guitar Picks for your quality products.

Jackson Uyechi