#GPFL2017 These Plectrums Are Flipping Fantastic!

Why Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks are the best guitar picks and why I think I deserve to receive them for the rest of my life. By the not so famous Jeff ...


I have been using Dragons Heart Guitar Picks for over a year now and I absolutely love them. They offer a wide range of thicknesses, colors and couple different styles to fit any players needs or style. They also offer custom engraving for that personalized touch to your guitar pick. This is important to me, because if your friends try one of these picks you may not get your plectrum back. But with the personalized engraving there will be no doubt who owns that pick. Then there is the company logo which comes on one of the sides of the plectrum, which I think looks awesome itself. I have always liked Dragon themed items and this representation of a dragon is spot on to me.

Some of the things I like most about the Dragons Heart guitar picks are the fact that they are 100 percent made in the U.S.A. and the durability and long life of the pick. You are sure to lose your pick before you ever wear one of these picks out from playing. Plus there is the unique design of the pick which offers 3 different corners for different attack styles. It is like having 3 different plectrums in your hand at the same time all combined into one easy to manage pick. I am still torn between the Dragons heart Original pick, and the Dragons Heart Pure pick and I think I need a lifetime supply to help make up my mind J

I particularly enjoy the strap mounted guitar pick holder. It insures me that I will always have a Dragons Heart Guitar pick with my guitar, and I never have to go hunting for it (or check the dryer, couch cushions, or the kids toy box lol).

Oh and let us not forget their T-Shirts, If I won this years contest, I could stock up on some of the awesome T-Shirts as well.