Adriana #GPFL2017

Hi my name is Adriana and Dragon's Heart picks are my absolute favorite. I've used them for two years and I'm so pleased to have them in my guitar tool box. For so long I held the idea that certain compromises needed to be made for pick selection. Maybe the fastest playing pick isn't the best pick for strumming and vice versa. Maybe the best sounding pick isn't necessarily the the most comfortable. That's why I'd have a pick for every situation. One for recording, one for playing live, and one for strumming alone. But when I discovered Dragon's Heart picks, I realized that I don't need to make those compromises. It was my all in one complete package. I found a pick that sounded better and played better than anything. At first glance I thought "But it's gotta be uncomfortable to play. It's shape isn't normal." But to my surprise, it felt incredible to play. It even had an amazing grip to it. I never once dropped it while playing. I was so impressed by the sound that I even did a test with my friends and family where they picked the best sounding pick without looking. And the Dragon's Hearts were easily the favorite among both my musician friends and casual music listening family. That alone would've made them my number one pick but the fact that they were also comfortable and playable made it a no brainer. These were the highest quality picks I've ever come across. 


I think I deserve to win this contest because I was searching for a perfect pick for so long and my journey included all of the other premium picks out there. I've put in a lot of time to find and compare picks so that I could find the best picks out there and DH picks are the absolute best. And while some of the other premium picks out there were nice in some respects, none of them met the criteria of what I would call a perfect pick. I tried everything from high quality acrylic picks to stone and everything in between. If one was good for speed, it would slip out of my fingers because of how sweat reacts with acrylic. Others had great grip but was not good for strumming. But DH picks gave me a solution for everything and I'm so thankful that I found them. It's like the swiss army knife of picks due to its multiple tipped design. And on top of all of that, it's just a gorgeous looking pick that I love to show people because of it's craftsmanship. Get these picks because you'll never go back to your old ones!