Marco “Mark” Henriques #GPFL2017


Hi! First of all, I want to say that these picks are the best I’ve tried so far! Even if I don’t win anything I wanna wish the Dragon’s Heart team my best wishes! Keep up the good work! So, my name is Marco “Mark” Henriques. I'm a 19 year old Portuguese guitar and bass player and I've been using these picks religiously for over a year now. I was around 12 years old when I started playing and since then I've tried all sorts of different brands, shapes, thicknesses and sizes; but after awhile there were always things that made me go like: "Meh... I don't think this the one for me..."; all except... you guessed it! Dragon's Heart! Somewhere along the way I either saw CSGuitars' or Rob Scallon's video about Dragon's Heart picks, don't remember now whose video I saw first, but it intrigued me. Later on I saw more and more people like Robert Baker using these weird picks so I had to give it a chance! I ordered two picks and only one arrived... I sent the guys an email and they were really sorry and sent me two! No costs attached! Let's be honest, no all companies would do that! But back to the picks now! The coolest part about these picks is that even though these are some very thick and oddly shaped plectrums there was no adaptation period! They are great from the get go! I started out using the Original Dragon's Heart, and am now using the Hardened picks for guitar and the Wyvern's Heart for bass. If by any means you still don't believe that these are the best picks I've tried; since I live in Portugal and I can only get these picks from the US, I have to pay between 30-40% of what I spent at the customs to import from out of the European Union. But hey! They're so good that I find them worth the extra money. Also I pick very aggressively and the pick dust shedded by the pick into the strings colors my fingers!(check picture attached) Nothing that a couple of baby wipes can't take care of! All for these amazing picks that have an amazing grip, look great, feel great, sound great and last a long time!