Howdy Fellow Pickers!

I generally use only my neatly-trimmed nailed  fingers to PLAY my axe, but to be a more diverse KA-BOY, I use my Dragon's Lair picks to play. They are thee best simply because of the quality stiffness and feel. Simple. I spent time in Chiangrai, Thailand and bought my first picks there. They were no comparison, being more cheesy in feel, thickness, texture. Now I know some of us prefer a thinner pick. Well: so be it. But if Corey makes the best thicker picks , it stands to reason he makes the best thinner picks, too. And I know you are a reasonable dude. ( I use the term dude to refer to our female pickers, too.) 


As you know, many things made in the good ole us of a are the best and of top quality. It certainly applies here in the land of Austin city limits et al. Ye know? I pray so. 

Dragon's Lair picks are the best also because of the attitude and art Corey brings to the table. As with most things in life , Attitude is All. Be it  winning a World Series, or playing a guitar. Or singing a song ( say the national anthem to open a World series game!). 

I love playing with the best stuff. My axe is a Taylor. Excellent sound and better than a Taylor not made in the USA. Mine is made in California. Many today are made in Mexico. Now the Mexican can make a good axe. But I've compared the sound to the USA -made Big Baby and usa kicks it into the sand as far as SOUND. She just does. 

Now which pick do you  feel creates a better sound: one made in the USA.Or one  made elsewhere? Uh-huh. I agree: USA made just sounds better. That , then , is the bottom line. 

Thank you for LISTENING! And Hsppy Pickin' !

Love , Light, Life, Gratitude,